December 21st, 2013

Whenever you travel to a new country or a city, it is always handy to get some useful tips and information about the ins and outs of getting around and the local culture of your destination. A trip to Berlin is no different to the common rules. Your visit at the German capital will go a lot smoother with expert travel tips and info. Here is our collection of travel tips for the preparation stage so that you have a smooth travelling experience in Berlin:


You’ll find many people with excellent English skills at the hotels or at the central historical district. If you’re further afield and need help, look for people aged around 30 or younger. The new generations are more skilled in English rather than the old timers. On the other hand, to be polite, you can learn a few German words such as: ‘danke schön’ (thank you), ‘noch eins bitte’ (another one please), ‘schönen Tag noch’ (have a nice day) etc.

Climate and Clothing

The weather in Berlin is most unpredictable. Even during the summer season, you can expect cold rainy patches. You might face havoc while packing as the forecasts tend to change radically over a very short period. Experts always recommend packing a jacket and other warm clothes in case of an unexpected cool turn. Winter calls for multi-layered clothing. Bring Waterproof shoes, wool or cashmere, long underwear, hat, scarf, gloves etc.


Tip the taxi drivers a couple of Euros or round up. Tip the concierge, housekeeper and bellboys at the hotel. You can tip tour guides for good service. In restaurants, don’t leave the bill or tip at the table. Hand the waiter cash or a card and tell the amount including the tip and you’ll get your change.


To grab a taxi in the Berlin streets, you got to be patient. You can find conventional taxi ranks near 5 star hotels and luck is in your favor then you may get one at the streets ask for a ‘Kurzstrecke’, meaning a ‘short stretch’ for a flat rate. Sometimes, at the airport, the taxi drivers refuse to take passengers with heavy luggage.

Public Transport

Berlin public transport system boasts an extensive network. You’ll find bus services, trams, subway etc. Tickets are available everywhere and comes with different packages, discounts and passes to exhibitions and shows.

The Reichstag

Only a few historical places in Berlin require pre-booking and the Reichstag is one of them. Advanced booking online requires personal details and you’ll need an ID to enter the building.


For classic music lovers, the Berlin Philharmonic is a must see. The tickets are fairly available except during any special event. If you miss the tickets, you can still enjoy the free lunchtime concert at 1 pm.
Berlin, the megacity has numerous layers and attractions.

October 20th, 2013

It is a wonderful feeling to imagine the celebration of your wedding anniversary in the middle of huge water waves. Well, if you are also an adventure trip lover and like to rock the life with something very exclusive, very special, the hot deals about cruise online are just designed for you. You can book tour cruise deal online now for your upcoming valentine date. There are many websites in the internet that are working in the direction of offering romantic cruise trips for an excellent package.

What is a cruise trip?

A cruise trip means a voyage that is performed in order to make a fun holiday by travelling in ship. You can enjoy the night in the deck of the ship by watching stars in the sky and feeling amazing water miracles around you. Booking a cruise online can be the most wonderful moment of your life as it can bring a cheerful time for you. Now a days, it’s not a big deal to enjoy about a week in the form of a long voyage. You can also affiliate your cruise trip with the journey to the abroad lands as the ship can lead you to over sea places of natural beauty and romantic getaways.

Exclusive parts of the cruise trips

You can enjoy the deck party and fantastic hang outs in the ship while going through the voyage. Your trip can start with the port of your interest and you will have to book your cabin before starting for the cruise trip. You will wonder to know that all the amenities to carry out your daily activities and deals to enjoy a nice time are arranged in the ship only. You just have to plan your vacation and wait for a wonderful trip to begin.

How can you get your cruise booked?

Searching cruise online is not a tough task as there are many websites to introduce various packages about the cruise trips. You can search in the internet about the website of interest that fulfills your requirements regarding the tour and route of your voyage. The second important thing to know is the ports from where the ship will start that journey and the destination port. This deal becomes more important when you are planning to enjoy a lovely vacation in the port also. Although, all the ports where the world famous cruise lines lead you are of public interest and bear a lot for you to travel and enjoy, still you might be expecting something special that’s why you should research about the facilities of tourism in the ports.

What to do for booking a cruise?

After planning a booking of cruise online, you can select the site of interest about this matter and fill the application form that asks the name of ship for which you are interested, country, cruise line, no. of people, no. of cabins, deck facility etc. you can get a variety of packages in the internet under your budget.

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September 6th, 2013

The Thomson Spirit is a spacious ship but its operators promise a home-from-home experience on-board. Now that doesn’t mean you can leave your dirty laundry lying around the place, although if you did the staff would still probably be terribly polite about the whole thing. What it does mean is that you can eat some tremendously well prepared and beautiful cooked food and that you will feel right at home as you cruise around some of the world’s most beautiful, amazing and impressive coastlines.

And if all of that sounds rather splendid, then you should consider your options carefully and think about booking the trip that offers you the best possible value for your holiday spend. The cruise industry is competitive and it very often pays to dig around a little and do some research to pick out the most heavily discounted deals. The price of a cruise on the Thomson Spirit starts at a very reasonable level in any case but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t do a little extra leg work to secure yourself a potentially worthwhile discount.

The Thomson Spirit is a guaranteed winner if you are looking for a fun time and some great experiences. There will no doubt be a terrific atmosphere on-board and there are bars, lounges, restaurants and entertainment areas buzzing with life well into the night. Children are as welcome as anyone and the ethos at Thomson Cruises in general is to go the extra mile to make sure that every single guest on-board has the kind of holiday they’ve been hoping, planning and in many cases saving hard for.

One increasingly popular way to maximise your enjoyment in this context is to take the fly and cruise route to a perfect getaway. Thomson has been and remains at the forefront of giving customers the chance to fly across to meet their ship of choice and to set sail having saved some significant sums.